Text Mining Examples on the Web

In now days we can find text mining examples of use in many applications around us. Here are some recent text mining examples collected from the web. They are from different areas. They all include text analytics with python code and very good tutorials.

Visualization of Blog Data

In this project Text Analytics and Visualization the author mined blog post data to extract top 3 keywords from each article (total 1400) and then visualize connections between them in Gephi. Full map was obtained for all articles. This map indicates clusters which are showing where the most of articles was done.

This project is showing one of the way how we can visualize text analytics. The visualization looks very nice.

Text Mining Examples for Chatbots

botThis project Text Classification using Neural Networks shows how to train chatbot to perform some basic responses (greeting, actual action and completing) based on user input sentence with an “intent” (a conversational intent).

This project allows to understanding how chatbot is working. A fundamental piece of machinery inside a chat-bot is the text classifier and the author showed all inner workings of an artificial neural network (ANN) for text classification. Very interesting.

Machine Learning Clustering of News Feed

In this tutorial How to mine newsfeed data and extract interactive insights in Python the author is showing how to collect news feeds from 60 different sources (Google News, The BBC, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, etc), format data and apply machine learning clustering to group the articles by their similarity and then visualize the results to get high level insights.
This project is making use of Newsapi service to get news.

Tweet Sentiment Analysis

In this project Your First Text Mining Project with Python in 3 steps the author is showing how collect data from Twitter, do tweet sentiment analysis of text data and visualize results.
This project is using Twitter API, Tweepy, Pandas and matplotlib.